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Monday, 31 July 2017

Chapter 5 by Caitlin

“I don't know” I take a sip of my juice mmm not water mmm them tropical flavors. “doodles get my mom I I Captain” then they go and get my mom she comes in. 

“mom where am I?”

“ You’re in the hospital “


“We had a car crash” 


“2 days ago “

“But I feel fine “

“No you don't you have 3 broken ribs concussion a broken ankle and a fractured wrist  and you are telling me you feel fine” 


“You don't, anyway do you want me to get you something to eat “



“Ummm big mac combo” 

“Ok be back in 10 bye”

“Make sure the drink is coke I replied in a demanding way”

She didn't reply. How do I feel fine and just had a car crash that's weird I ring the buzzer beside my bed to call for the nurse she comes in 

“how are you feeling”

“ great”

“Really can you move”

 I tried but I couldn't

“Why can't I move” 

“There is a fifty percent chance that you a paralyzed from the waist down “


 “It's ok keep your voice down” 

I throw my head back on the pillow and let out a big sigh then I fall asleep when I wake my big mac combo is there but the coke was frozen I didn't want a frozen coke I was thinking in my head and where is mum she must have gone home I eat it all up then the nurse comes in 

“You have guests “

“Bring them in” 

Then walks in the principal hello  

“Hi “

“How are you “

“Ok “

“Really when are you coming back to school “

“don't know I could right now” 

“no, you can't”

“ I could “

“I better go bye “

“Yeah bye “

Then walks in Carter 

Oh no 

He comes over 


“Hello what are you doing here”

“Came to see you what happened you look pretty bashed up” 

“I have  3 broken ribs concussion a broken ankle a fractured wrist and might be paralyzed from the waist down” 


I ignored him the nurse walked in 

what was that about  

  He bullies me 

oh sorry

 it's ok is my mom here

 yeah would you like me to get her for you 

yes please

 she walks out then Carter walks back in 

thought I was finished with you well you were wrong he comes and jumps on my ribs I heard 2 more cracks I scream then he punches me in the head then that's all I remembered 

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