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Monday, 31 July 2017

Chapter 4 by Amy

“Hi mum” I said in a miserable voice.

“Oh honey let's get you home and to bed with warm soup” my mum said in a sympathetic tone as we walked to the car and jumped in and started the long 20 minute drive home. There was not much talking until my doodle’s started crying, “get us out of here!”
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhahhhhhh” my mum screamed as she let go of the wheel and started waving her arms about.
We almost hit Jo our next door neighbour and then we drove straight off the edge of the hill. The front of the car hit a tree
(it was one really strong tree)  it took off the front of the car boom bang
“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh” we both jump out seconds before the car hit the water and started sinking.

“What was that and how did ahhhh it’s on your shoulder ” my mum was screaming then she fell on her butt.

 “It is ok mum these oow these are my doodle’s and I reacted the same way” I said with my hands on my ribs in pain. Then I took a seat on a log and my eyes started to well up and I lay on the ground and started to cry and wince. My mum scrambled up the hill and was trying to get a car because her phone went down in the car. I don’t really know.

“911 what's your emergency…

Everything went black. Then I was in the crash again and again.

“Good morning honey” my mum said with tears on her cheek.

“Mum I want to be alone for a minute” I said with puppy dog eyes.
And she left with a “sure thing hun”

“Ha guys can you get up here now” I said as I reached for my bag and almost fell on the ground. My doodle hopped out.
“Can you two get me the really good juice I can not handle the water any more” I said in a bossey voice then they slipped out the window.
“Now what!”boss said as they looked at the 10 story drop with amazement...

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  1. Congratulations on winning a boomwriter chapter. To make this easier to follow, it would work better on a slide. That way we wouldn't have to scroll to read all of the chapters.


    Mr McAulay


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