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Monday, 31 July 2017

Chapter 3 by Jack

Carter pushed a desk over. His face was redder than a tomato, Carters steps were like thunder against the the wooden floor. Then I heard various explosions from behind me, my Colonel doodle had fired three bananas at Carter. Carter slipped on one banana and the other two were squished into his face.

"How dare you, you puny dweeb!" Carter yelled at the armed Colonel. 

"How dare you call me a dweeb you little pea brained monster" He rebuked. This time Carter got really angry like, the Hulk angry. 

"AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!!!!" He screamed at the top of his voice.

He threw desks around the room, he chucked pens and pencils, and smashed the window with the teachers computer. He picked up a desk and raised it above his head and torpedoed it across the room, shattering to pieces on contact with the wall. Carter started running toward me, quick as a flash I moved out the way, but it seemed that Carter wasn’t going for me, he was going for my doodles. He grasped them tightly and ripped their heads off, went over to the window which he had smashed and threw them out. 

“That’s one problem sorted, now to sort the other problem out” Carter muttered under his breath. 

I had only a few seconds for an idea before the devil's child came marching toward me and strangling me or something like that. Then a lightbulb went off in my head. I whipped out my magical notepad and drew a Spatha, (which is a type of ancient Roman sword). Carter started to barrel towards me at full speed. My heart was pounding. Instead of stabbing him, I dodged. The worst happened then, my notepad flew out of my unzipped bag with my pencil. Carter picked it up, with an uncontrollable evil grin on his face. He must have drawn a sword, otherwise it wouldn't have jumped into his hand immediately. Carter charged after me as I ran out of the class into the long corridor with Carter chasing me down, I was the Mouse, and he was the Cat. I burst out a door at the end of the hallway and Carter followed. I found myself in the outdoor basketball court, which was fenced off on the outside.  

“That was a big mistake” I said to myself, backing up against the fence. 

“Got you now!” Carter explained. 

Our blades collided with a ear-ringing “CLANG!” Carter swung aiming for my head, but I parried. I went in for a swing, but it turned out that Carter had some moves up his sleeve, he grabbed my wrist, and pushed it back. I had no choice but to let my Spatha go. It landed on the other side of the court. Carter swung at my arm and this time got lucky, he took a chunk out of my arm.  

“OOOWWW!” I bellowed in pain.  

My arm was throbbing with burning pain, and my vision went blurry. My knees buckled, and I fell to the ground in agony. It felt like being in an electric chair with needles poking you all over, but not dying. In other words, the pain was excruciating. I was losing blood fast, but nobody except ‘Pea brained Johnson’ was around. That was when the unexpected happened. First of all, a decapitated Colonel squeezed through the doorway armed with a banana gun,  followed by a headless skater. 

"How... what... I ripped your head off though" Carter stuttered, probably wondering how the doodles came back.

Secondly, I had deja-vu. The Colonel fired three bananas at Carter.

Carter slipped on one banana and the other two were squished into his face. This time Carter didn’t get up, most likely he was knocked out cold. Some students must have seen some of the ruckus, because the school Nurse came rushing through the double doors to my aid.  

“Ow, that’s one nasty gash there, let's take you to the sickbay and call your parents” The Nurse hoisted me up and I hobbled over to the sickbay with her. 

As soon as we got to the sickbay, she grabbed the bandages and plastered them over the cut.  

“Let me guess, Carter Johnson did this to you, right?” She guessed. 

“Right” I replied, looking at my pale face through the mirror. 

Right then, Carter smashed the door open and walked up to me. His expression darkened. 

“This is not over” He promised. 

“Not as long as you're expelled” The Nurse said washing her hands. 

“Excuse me?” 

“So, finally you’ve learnt some manners!” Joked the Nurse. 

The Principal walked into the sickbay, almost knocking Carter over. 

“Sorry, Carter” The Principal apologized. “Not sorry” The Principal murmured. 

“What was that” Carter asked. 

“Nothing” Said the Principal. “Anyway Carter Johnson, we’ve got a very serious talk, by the way Richard, your parents are coming to pick you up” She exclaimed and walked off with Carter traipsing behind. 

Although I knew it wasn’t over, for now I was safe. Carter must have felt stupid being shot by a doodle with a banana gun. I didn't know if I was ever going to see the doodles again, after the fight they just disappeared. If anybody found out about this, Carter would be mocked for the rest of intermediate school. I couldn’t help but cracking a smile after that thought.

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