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Monday, 19 June 2017

I win the second chapter this is it

Chapter 2:

I was gasping as my doodle dodged all the big stomping feet, and the books that were dropped “noooooo” I cried 
Stomp Crash. My doodle had gone under some ones shoe. POP! He popped back out at the other side of the shoe. I chased after him and got him in no time. I scooped him up trying not to be noticed. Then I slipped out into a classroom. 

“What are you doing! I was going so well”
The doodle said with anger. His face went red. 

“You almost got squished, now get in” I said as I shoved him in. 

“Please let me out or at least give me a friend” 
he said as he got sad. “Ok”I said giving in. 

I started to draw a colonel, with camo shorts, and a camo top. His hair, was shaved on the sides, and spiky on top,  He had  A  AK47  gun with banana bullets. Then pop the little army colonel man grabbed his little gun.

“Oh I shouldn't have given him A gun.” Bang  

“Yaaay, hi you can call me boss” said the new little man 

“No I will not” said my doodle

“Can I have my army” boss said 

“No you can not have an army” I said getting mad 
Then the door flung open .

“Hi dummy who you talking to?”said Carter  Johnson in his disapproving voice.

I slammed  the book closed 

“No one” I said backing off slowly 

“So you're talking to yourself Dweeb” Carter Johnson said starting to laugh  “hahaha” 

“No” I said as I open the book behind my back to my two little doodles.

The two doodles popped out of the book And hid behind my feet. bang bang OH no I forgot to make the real bullets I thought to myself.

“NO” Carter Johnson was furious “my top”.
His top was white with gray stribs and now with banana spots. 

“HAHAHA” my doodle’s cracked up laughing 

“No don’t laugh at me” Carter Johnson said with anger…

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