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Monday, 20 February 2017

Is it right to fight                                                                                                                          
1:It is alright to fight. for things like right’s like the women's match. right’s is like things that are in portion I don’t mean things like you want chips that is same thing you can get at the supermarket rits is like a group of people how want same thing that the gathmann das not want!.I don’t mean go home and get a group of friends and go on a mach.

2:there is threy tips of fighting there is boxing,protesting and bowling.
Boxing is when you fit in a ring and you can tap out when you want to and bothe of the people want to be there. Protesting is using your vos and not your body.Bowling is not alright bowling is is using your body and you can not tap out when you went to you can end up really really hort and that is not good.
3:it is all rite to fit for things but it is not good to go rand punching, kicking and  
bowling But if we did not fit for anything we would do nothing that we wanted.

It is allrite to fitey not to bowley!.

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