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Thursday, 1 September 2016

my play for book chag

The nerd is testing something on the bunny The nerd says: i will just go get your food little bunny The bad guy says: yeah i will get better at science now The bunny says: no you will not i am a super bunny i can talk and do caratie huah Bad guy says: no but you are in a cage The bunny says: no but i have super strength The bad guy says: but how you are a small stinking bunny The bunny says:roots you shouldn't have done that i will get you The nerd says: calm down you will transform once you are out of your cage The bunny says: but how ??? The nerd says: just get him The bad guy says: wait what can the bunny transform into what ???? The nerd says: a man eating bunny wa ha ha The bad guy says: What evs that little bunny would not do anything to me it is too small

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