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Monday, 20 June 2016

How did it happen

The Gorilla At an american zoo a young boy had somehow gotten into a gorilla enclosure, and the gorilla found the boy. The mother was yelling out to the boy with girls and boys standing and watching the gorilla help the boy to his feet. Zookeepers rushed to the gorilla enclosure and one took aim at the gorilla, the gorilla suddenly just grabbed the boy’s foot and dragged him through the water then before anything else could happen the gorilla was shot. The loud bang filled the air as boys and girls watched in silence as the gorilla slowly dropped dead. How did the boy get in How did the boy get in? The way the boy got in was because the mother of the child was unable to keep an eye on the boy. though the mother also had 3 other children, so that must have been the reason the boy got in because the safety barrier was not big enough to stop people from getting into the gorilla enclosure.

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